VNCA Day One Competency Standards

VNCA Day One Competency Standards

The VNCA Day One Competency Standards have been developed to encompass a benchmark of essential clinical skills for a veterinary nurse and technician  to demonstrate in the workplace thus supporting a process of clinical mentorship and learning in addition to recording competence achievement at the highest level.

This document sets out the minimum essential competences that the VNCA expects all veterinary nursing students to have met when they graduate, to ensure that they are safe to practise on day one. Download Day One Competency Standards

These competencies have been developed to provide guidelines in a range of areas covering companion, rural and exotic specific such as:

  • Legislation, laws and ethics affecting practice    
  • Clinical communication 
  • Handling and restraint 
  • Nursing care / husbandry
  • Labratory techniques   
  • Diagnostic imaging     
  • Pharmacology and dispensing   
  • Infection control 
  • Theatre practice
  • Anaesthesia  
  • Denstistry 



These essential competencies align with the VNCA Code of Professional Conduct and the  Animal Care and Management Training Package – Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing. While they align with the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, self-assessment against the skills list does not replace formal training and assessment via a registered training organisation. 

The Day One Skills list is a regulatory benchmark of essential clinical skills based on the VNCA Day One Competency Standards for Veterinary Nursing. Download the Skills Checklist