The VNCA is a single-entity, not-for-profit organisation incorporated under Victorian law.  In late 2015 the VNCA Council identified the need to review and update the governance and structure to ensure the organisation remained sustainable and able to grow in the future.  The VNCA Council was restructured and renamed the VNCA Board. It continues to have full responsibility for the operations of the organisation and to delegate as it sees fit in order to ensure the organisation achieves its objectives.This work was undertaken to ensure the VNCA complies with contemporary good governance principles and to enable the VNCA to become more responsive to the needs of our members.

Following the changes, the structure the VNCA is:


Constitution:  The VNCA members ratified an updated Constitution at the 2019 Annual General Meeting - download here.

Bylaws:  The document provides operational detail on relevant sections of the Constitution, including membership categories and procedures for the election or appointment of directors as well as other key business areas - download here (updated August 2019).

Board Charter:  Outlines the role, responsibilities and expectations of the VNCA’s directors, both individually and collectively - download here.

Terms of Reference:  Have been developed to cover the operations of:

List of Committee Members

Download an Expression of Interest Form

Download the Annual Report 2018

Together with internal policies and procedures these governance documents recognise the history of the organisation while providing strong foundations for the future, enabling the VNCA to capitalise on opportunities and better serve the needs of our members and the profession.