VNCA Position Statements

The VNCA Position Statements explore and provide guidance on various issues that impact Veterinary Nurses within Australia.

VNCA Discussion Paper - Veterinary nurses & veterinary technicians working together in the veterinary healthcare team, Nov 2020

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About:  This discussion paper highlights how the role of working as a veterinary nurses in practice be achieved by those qualified as Certificate IV veterinary nurses or veterinary technicians.


VNCA Guidelines – Radiation User Licensing for Veterinary Nurses and Veterinary Technicians - state by state, June 2020

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About: These guidelines will help you to determine if you are able to hold a radiation licence in your state to take radiographs and how to obtain one.


VNCA submission –  Western Australian Veterinary Practice Bill 2020 – VNCA Feedback

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About: This position statement seeks to:

  • Inform VNCA members and the wider veterinary nurse community of the industry standards relating to the professionalism of veterinary nurses.
  • Address the veterinary nursing industry concerns regarding the Western Australian Veterinary Practice Bill 2020 and provide guidelines and clarification to all veterinary nurses. 
  • Promote and increase engagement by veterinary nurses in providing feedback into the way veterinary nurses are regulated in Western Australia.


VNCA Guidelines – Working in Australia as an Overseas Veterinary Nurse or Technician, September 2019

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About: These guidelines are to provide assistance to veterinary nurses and technicians wishing to work in Australia.


Position Statement – VNCA supports the AVA’s position on live animal export

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The Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia would like to announce its support of the Australian Veterinary Association’s position on live animal export.  AVA’s policy on live animal export states the following:

Ideally, Australian food animals should be slaughtered as close to the site of production as practicable to minimise transport and handling stress, and to ensure they are protected by appropriate and enforceable animal welfare and slaughter standards.

The VNCA supports the stance that the health and welfare of animals exported to the Middle East during the northern hemisphere summer be must be of paramount importance.


Position Statement – Anaesthesia-Free Dentistry, March 2018

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About: This Position Statement is designed to inform VNCA members and the wider Veterinary Nurse community in Australia about the VNCA's standpoint on the practice of performing anaesthesia-free dentistry on a conscious animal.

The VNCA believes only dentistry performed under the guidence of veterinary professionals during full general anaesthesia is an acceptable route to allow complete and thorough oral dental examination.


Position Statement – Qualifications, Education & the Training Package, April 2017

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About: This Position Statement is designed to inform VNCA members and the wider Veterinary Nurse community in Australia regarding improvements identified and recommended by the VNCA around qualifications, competencies and professional standards of Veterinary Nurses.  

Addressing these issues and adopting new approaches will ensure the quality of the qualifications and the competencies of graduate Veterinary Nurses is consistent, reinforcing the competency, reputation and professionalism of Veterinary Nurses in Australia.