VNCA HR Service - Anytime, Anywhere

The VNCA HR Service have been available to VNCA members for over 10 years and continues to support members in a variety of workplace relations issues they face on a daily basis.   In March 2017, the VNCA HR service was enhanced to provide to online resources anytime, anywhere.

As a dedicated human resource and industrial relations information service, the VNCA's Members Only HR Helpline enables members to access information and practical advice to improve their workplace. Members can access information and advice on all facets of contemporary human resource management and industrial relations.

The following HR Support is exclusively available for VNCA Members

  • HR Online
  • HR Helpline
  • HR Articles
  • HR Webinars

HR Online

HR Service Website features: 

  • Sample letters
  • Wage guides
  • Guides on workplace protections
  • Tips on how to deal with a variety of issues at work like;
    • negotiating pay
    • maintaining a healthy work-life balance
    • coping with job burnout
  • Chat (live)
  • Email inquiries 

To access the VNCA HR Onlince service, click HERE.






HR Helpline

HR Helpline features:

The VNCA's Members Only HR Helpline has been designed to help VNCA members.

The VNCA's Member Only HR Helpline is a dedicated help desk service supported by a team of human resource experts.  Access to this service is limited to VNCA Members only.  When you contact the Helpline you will need to provide your VNCA Membership Number (visit MyVNCA under membership).



Some of the conversations that VNCA Members have had with the HR Helpline include:

  • Contract matters surrounding the award
  • Managing disputes
  • Managing unsatisfactory performance 
  • Parental leave entitlements
  • Long service leave entitlements
  • What can you do when an employer changes roster hours?
  • Improve interview skills
  • Develop and discuss individual career paths
  • Review an employment contract before signing it

The HR Helpline is available:

8:30am -5:00pm AEST

Monday to Friday 

For VNCA HR Helpline contact information click HERE.


HR Articles

VNCA HR Articles are available for VNCA members and include the following subjects and much more...

  • Tips on writing your resume and cover letter
  • Business Restructuring and how it affects you part
  • Social Media; Freedom of Speech and Employment Obligations
  • Dream Employers the most sought after workplaces
  • Getting the Payrise you Deserve
  • Changing Rosters
  • Working out notice after resignation or termination

Click HERE to read the VNCA HR Articles.


HR Webinars

VNCA HR Webinars coming soon...