Author Guidelines


The Editorial Committee warmly welcome submissions from VNCA members and the broader veterinary industry for publication in the AVNJ.  


How to write a technical article

A technical article describes procedures of a specific interest that might be of benefit to other veterinary nurses by enabling them to learn about the latest or different methods of practice in a particular case.

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How to write a short article

A short article refers to a one-page article outlining hints, tips, techniques or procedures that you may use or have seen used that would be of benefit to other veterinary nurses in their workplace. 

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How to write a case report

Veterinary Nurses who would like to apply for AVN accreditation or have a case study published in the AVNJ can download guidelines on how to write a case study here.

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How to write a book review

Writing a review for a clinical text book allows evaluation of a book for one’s own purposes as well as for others by expressing views or opinions regarding the book’s scope, layout and relevancy. The aim should be to help the reader determine whether or not the book is appropriate for their resource needs. The format of such a review should be easy to read, to the point and displayed in relevant paragraphs.  

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Permission forms

If you wish to submit an article or photograph for publication in the AVNJ please submit the relevant permission form:


Email the AVNJ Editor - - for further information.