VNCA Bushfire Recovery Scholarship

The VNCA is pleased to offer several scholarships to attend the 26th VNCA Conference, in Melbourne, April 2020, for those VNCA members who have suffered hardship as a result of the recent bushfires.


The recent devastating bushfires have caused widespread loss, damage and disruption to communities across Australia. Once the imminent danger is over, communities and individuals are left to rebuild their personal and professional lives.

The VNCA has joined with supporters of the VNCA to offer assistance to veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians suffering hardship as a result of the recent bushfires. With some veterinary practices being severely impacted, there is recognition that opportunities and resources to attend continuing professional development (CPD) may also be impacted. In order to assist veterinary nurses and technicians suffering hardship with ongoing training, the VNCA has established a number of scholarships with the assistance of valued VNCA supporters and sponsors.

The scholarships enable bushfire affected VNCA members to undertake career development and earn CPD points to maintain currency by acquiring new skills in clinical techniques and procedures applicable to the veterinary nursing environment.

These scholarships from the VNCA, the veterinary industry and wider community are a tangible show of appreciation for the important work that veterinary nurses and technicians do.

How to apply

You are required to upload ONE DOCUMENT ONLY (Word or PDF files only) outlining:

  1. Why you should be considered for a scholarship
  2. How attending the 26th VNCA Conference will benefit you 
  3. Evidence of hardship as a result of the bushfires, for example:
  • You reside in a bushfire affected area
  • Your volunteering for and during the bushfire crisis has resulted in significant disadvantage
  • Provide a single piece of certified evidence demonstrating hardship as a result of the bushfires. This may include a police report, insurance report, or certified statutory declaration
  • You or a family member you care for have been seriously injured due to fires
  • Your principal place of residence has been destroyed or damaged
  • Your principal place of work as a veterinary nurse or technician has sustained damage impacting your employment and CPD learning opportunities
  • Damage from the fire has caused significant financial hardship for you and your family
  1. Two references to support the application.

Your obligation

Meet with your scholarship sponsor at the 26th VNCA Conference, where you will have an opportunity to chat and have your photograph taken with your sponsor. 


  • Applications close midnight Sunday 1 March. Successful applicants will be contacted Wednesday 11 March  via email.
  • Scholarships cover full conference registration and $1000 towards travel and accommodation expenses. Applicants are responsible for any further expenses incurred.
  • Scholarships are not transferable and are not available to be taken as a cash prize or deferred to a future event.
  • If a scholarship is awarded to a person already registered to attend the 26th VNCA Conference, registration costs will be refunded.


Applicants must:

  • hold VNCA membership at the time of application and attendance at the 26th VNCA Conference
  • be available to attend the 26th VNCA Conference in Melbourne, 22-24 April 2020

Apply now