2021 VNCA Education Scholarships

2021 VNCA Education Scholarships

Applications are now open - closing Friday 29 January 2021

These scholarships align with the VNCA’s objective to provide support and direction for veterinary nurses and set and maintain standards for excellence in animal care through quality education. The scholarship fund enables members to undertake career development, to attain further qualifications or to acquire new skills in clinical techniques and procedures applicable to the veterinary nursing environment.

Are you eligible to apply?

  • Veterinary nurses who are Full Members of the VNCA may apply.
  • Applicants must be currently employed in the veterinary industry.

About the scholarship

  • Scholarships of any value up to $1,500 are offered to one, or a number of applicants.
  • The education project is required to be undertaken in the 12-month period April 2021 to April 2022.
  • Projects may be undertaken at centres of veterinary excellence, Registered Training Organisations or overseas (successful scholars must have suitable arrangements in place with their chosen host organisation).
  • Scholarship funds are intended to cover education and/or travel.

The Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia Inc. invites applications from VNCA Full Members for scholarships. A total scholarship fund of $3,000 has been established and this may be distributed between a number of applicants annually. The scholarship is to enable nurses to pursue their veterinary nursing related studies and may cover the costs incurred for education and associated travel. Applications will be received and considered by a selection panel appointed by the VNCA Inc.

Application and Selection Criteria

Applicants are required to submit a detailed proposal on the official application form which includes:

  • Where and when the education is to take place
  • The intended outcomes of such education
  • A detailed budget of costs to be incurred and the final figure applied for
  • Evidence that that scholarship would be of benefit to the applicant, the VNCA and the veterinary nursing profession of Australia
  • Two references to support the application

Obligations to the VNCA Post Scholarship Period

Successful applicants of the VNCA Professional Development Scholarship are obliged to meet any or all of the following requirements on behalf of the VNCA.

  • Submit a maximum 2,000-word report to the VNCA Executive within one month of the completion of their Scholarship. This report should detail the experiences incurred during the project.
  • Produce an article of appropriate content for publication in the Australian Veterinary Nursing Journal with minimal editing requirements from the VNCA Editorial Board.
  • At the discretion of the VNCA,  present at a VNCA local Divisional Continuing Professional Development Seminar (CPD) and /or VNCA National Conference on the topic studied and its academic application to veterinary nurses in Australia.
  • Meet all media obligations that may be set out by the VNCA to promote the VNCA Scholarship, membership and the advancement of Veterinary Nursing in Australia.

Key dates for 2021

Applications now open - download documentation             MS Word format                      PDF format

Applications close Friday 29 January 2021 - submit via email to vnca@vnca.asn.au

All applicants will be advised of the outcome in writing in the first week of March 2021

Education project to be completed and finalised by 30 April 2022