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VNCA members receive a wide range of benefits through membership, including:

VNCA Rewards

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Australian Veterinary Nurses Journal

AVNJ is the ONLY Australian Journal for veterinary nurses. All members receive 4 online editions of the AVNJ annually. The journal is a 44 page colour publication that contains technical articles, case studies, career and Industrial Relations updates and support, AVN questions, Continuing Professional Development information, International Conference updates, International & National – general and state information.

Members Workplace Helpline

As a dedicated human resource and industrial relations information service, the VNCA Members Workplace Helpline enables members to access information and practical advice to improve their working life. Members can access information and advice on all facets of contemporary human resource management and industrial relations. Professional experts are available to provide advice to members whether you are an employee or manager.

Continuing Professional Development Seminars

Seminars are held regularly in each state and can range from evening, half and full day sessions. The seminars are presented by leading speakers and focus on current topics important to the Veterinary Nurse. As a member you are automatically notified by mail of any seminars that are being held in your state. Registration is discounted for members.

AVNAT Registration Scheme

Established by the VNCA and launched in April 2019, the Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Registration Scheme has been developed for professionals working in clinical management or academic areas across the veterinary industry. We are presently seeking strong support and participation which will provide us with a mandate to advocate for company registration for all individuals working as veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians across Australia

Veterinary Nurses Day

VN Day is a VNCA  initiative to raise awareness of the importance of veterinary nurses to both the public and to the industry. It is a day to celebrate and recognise the contributions of Veterinary Nurses to the Australian veterinary team. VNCA members are provided with support material and information to promote this day in their practice

Accredited Veterinary Nurse Scheme

The Accredited Veterinary Nurse Scheme is a joint initiative of the VNCA and the AVA to identify outstanding Veterinary Nurses who are competent, current and dedicated to the profession. Recipients receive an individually numbered badge that is recognised by colleagues, employers and the public as symbol of excellence.

Code of Professional Conduct

A Code of Professional Conduct for qualified veterinary nurses has been developed to guide nurses in their duty of care and performance of responsible veterinary nurse practice.

Professional Development Scholarship Fund

An annual fund of $3000 has been established by the VNCA to allow members to pursue studies related to veterinary nursing – it could be to achieve a formal qualification, update clinical skills or acquire new ones. Projects that are of benefit to the profession, to the VNCA and/or the individual, will be considered. Applications will only be limited to your imagination!

VNCA Merchandise

The VNCA provides high quality merchandise, some of which is available exclusively for members. Items include workplace apparel, AVNJ Holders, pocket sized reference guides known as Crib Cards, Stickers and Conference Proceedings. 

National Conference

The conference is held annually in different states around Australia and members receive large discounts on registration fees. Many nurses from large, small and/or regional practices attend the conference. Nurses often attend whilst on conference/professional leave and practices are funding conference costs as part of a rewarded appraisal system.

Alternatively, individual nurses use their initiative and take holiday leave for that period of time. One of the attractions of the conference is the opportunity for networking and developing friendships.

Discounts on Text Books

John Wiley & Sons (Australia) offers VNCA members a 15% discount on its veterinary nursing titles when orders are placed through the John Wiley & Sons (Australia) Customer Service.

Members - click here to obtain the current Promo Code required to access the discount. 


The members of the VNCA are represented in many forums where it’s important that the veterinary nursing profession has a voice. Individuals from the VNCA Executive and Divisions represent members on the Australian Companion Animal Council, the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy, the National Industry Advisory Group for Veterinary Nursing, State Industry Advisory Committees, the Rural Training Council of Australia and the Agri-food Industry Skills Council. Regular communication with the Australian Veterinary Association and the Australian Veterinary Practice Management Association ensures the VNCA is abreast of new directions for the industry.

VNCA Website

Enjoy online access to a wide and growing range of resources, discounted merchandise ordering, forum access, online seminar registration and classifieds.


Digital case reports, handouts and request forms for veterinary teams – www.vetcheck.it. Click here for information on how to access this exclusive offer to members.

Recover CPR

RECOVER (Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation) is the accepted evidence-based standards and training in CPR in veterinary medicine today.  The RECOVER modules provide a 2-year certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS).  The RECOVER and eCornell team are pleased to offer a 30% discount to VNCA members, taking the BLS and ALS modules down to just under US$50.  These courses are also 8.5 hrs CE. VNCA members can access the discount code and find further information here


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