The Benefits of VNCA Membership

Why should you become a member?

The decision to become a member of the VNCA initially involves the thought of “what’s in it for me” and most people will look at the tangible benefits of membership. The fantastic value that VNCA membership offers is easily established - see the list below.  

HOWEVER ... being a member of your professional association means so much more. The VNCA offers support and direction for veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians, setting and maintaining standards for excellence in animal care through quality education. We represent all Australian veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians, encouraging pride and professionalism.

While everyone will place a different value on the work and opportunities that VNCA membership offers, a sense of belonging to the profession often promotes personal satisfaction and pride as well as indicating to the broader vet industry your professionalism which provides increased recognition.

As a member of the VNCA we guarantee you will receive a whole range of benefits:

  • Savings on education offered both locally and nationally, as well as online
  • Savings on fees associated with being registered or listed under the AVNAT Registration Scheme
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues and peers to learn and develop new contacts
  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Social functions
  • Tax deductible membership fees, seminar fees and merchandise
  • Increase your professional knowledge
  • Growing sense of pride in our profession.

However you will also be supporting the only organisation dedicated to the growth and development of veterinary nursing across Australia.  


Some of the VNCA's achievements include:

  • The VNCA has been actively involved in the formation and introduction of the Veterinary Nurse Training Package and now the Animal Care and Management Training Package. There is now a standardised competency based set of standards that is applicable Australia wide, and recognised overseas.
  • The VNCA was involved with the Award Modernisation process and ensured that Veterinary Nurses were represented in the development of the National Animal Care and Veterinary Services Industry Award 2010.
  • Radiation Operators Licenses are now available for Certificate IV Veterinary Nurses. It was the VNCA that drove this initiative.
  • Certificate IV Veterinary Nurses are also now eligible to apply for a Microchip Implanters license in Victoria.
  • Ongoing communications with allied groups such as the AVA help encourage open discussions about all Veterinary matters.
  • Your membership automatically means you are a member of the International Veterinary Nurses and Technicians Association. There is an Executive Committee member who is able to advise you on various aspects of working in member countries. The IVNTA is also looking into the process of mutual recognition of member associations.

To get the most from your VNCA membership you need to get involved and participate - after all, membership should not always be about what you can get cheaper, but also about how you can grow professionally and take pride in belonging and contributing to the VNCA and the future of veterinary nursing in Australia.

Join online today and start accessing the great range of benefits immediately!