VNCA Member Loyalty Card

The VNCA is delighted to offer our loyal members a new ‘benefit of belonging’ – the VNCA Member Loyalty Card. We’re rewarding your loyalty to the VNCA by assisting you to attend some of our amazing local CPD events put together by our divisions and other committees. 

Not only do you get discounted access to all local CPD events as a VNCA member – you can now receive FREE attendance to every 5th local CPD event you attend.

How does it work?

  • Collect a sticker each time you attend a VNCA local CPD event.
  • Fill your loyalty card with stickers by attending 4 CPD events.
  • Enjoy attending your 5th CPD event FREE as a further ‘benefit of belonging’.

Remember ... all 5 local CPD events must be attended within a two year period.

Be sure to keep your VNCA Member Loyalty Card handy and safe.

View Terms and Conditions here.