VNCA e-CPD is online training, made easy.

The series of short self paced courses designed to deliver high quality continuing education in a range of topics covering medicine, surgery and emergency medicine. Topics have been carefully chosen and the material specifically written for Veterinary Nurses – so you get the education that is relevant to what you need.

Once you have enrolled in one of the VNCA e-CPD courses, you have up to two months to complete your course!  Each course takes approximately 4 hours to complete, however you can work at your own pace and enjoy the flexibility of the two month access period.

Ensure you complete the quiz (two attempts are permitted) at the end of the course so that you get your certificate and continuing education points.

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All courses are AVNAT approved so delegates will receive four (4) AVNAT CPD points per course.

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Current Courses

Faecal Analysis in the Dog and Cat

Cost: $60.00

Faecal analysis can provide the veterinary health team with valuable information on the health status of patients – particularly those with gastrointestinal disease. This course provides essential information on how to prepare faecal samples for analysis, how to perform faecal floatation and sedimentation techniques, and how to submit samples for culture in order to obtain the most meaningful results. There is a special insight into identification of common intestinal parasites, along with essential information on parvovirus antigen testing as well.  Click to enter this course


Urine Analysis in Dogs and Cats

Cost: $60.00

Urine analysis is one of the most important diagnostic tests offered in veterinary medicine. Not only does it allow assessment of urinary tract health, it also provides refinement in interpretation of serum biochemistry and haematology test results as well. This course provides video instruction and slideshow-based information on how to appropriately and accurately test urine to achieve maximum diagnostic yield, while avoiding common mistakes. Click to enter this course


Problem-Solving in Small Animal Anaesthesia

Cost: $60.00

In this short course, you will discover a simple logarithmic approach to abnormal breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, and anesthetic depth in patients under general anaesthesia! Click to enter this course


Cardio-Pulmonary-Cerebral Resuscitation

Cost: $60.00

In this short course, you will discover the essentials of assisting in CPCR – including how to correctly provide positive pressure ventilation, compress a chest, CPR drug doses made simple, and even how to interpret an ECG in cardiac arrest! Click to enter this course


Shock in the Dog

Cost: $60.00

Shock is a common occurrence in our patients. This case study and associated materials will take you through how to diagnose shock, how to monitor effective treatment, and what to do when the symptoms of shock do not resolve with treatment!  Click to enter this course


Dyspnoea in a Cat

Cost: $60.00

Explore the acute management of a cat in respiratory distress. Learn what to do, what not to do and how to successfully assist in the management of these fragile and critically unwell patients.  Click to enter this course