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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy 
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For Vet Nurses and Vet Technicians

AVNAT is the national registration scheme for veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians involved in clinical, management or academic areas. 
Professionals registered under the AVNAT Registration Scheme demonstrate their commitment to their profession by:

  • meeting entry level education
  • demonstrating a commitment to continuing professional development
  • abiding by a code of professional conduct and ethical practice and related standards

Who can register?

Veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians with an Australian Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing or equivalent qualification, working in veterinary practices, animal welfare organisations, research and teaching institutions, appropriate government bodies or related employment, are eligible to participate in the scheme.

Students enrolled in the Australian Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing or Bachelor of Veterinary Technology (UQ and CSU) are eligible to be listed with the AVNAT Registration Scheme.

Why register with AVNAT?

Be part of the professional body promoting best practice throughout the industry. The AVNAT Registration Scheme will support quality practice through standards and learning. Strong participation in the scheme will also support the VNCA's longer term strategy to advocate for mandatory registration across Australia.

How do I get ready to register?

The AVNAT Registration Scheme commences on 1 April 2019, and applications will open on Monday 18 March.  

How much does it cost to register?

For qualified veterinary nurses or technicians  Annual cost
VNCA full member or associate $70
Non-VNCA member $140

How you can earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points:

Formal learning (From 1 point per hour) Includes courses, workshops, seminars, online training and education, lectures. Diploma Veterinary Nurse, compliance training.

Informal learning (1 point per hour or quiz)

Includes consumption of academic literature, attending journal clubs, conferences, webinars and answering CE/AVNJ questions on the AVNJ website.
Peer learning (From 1 to 15 points) Includes undertaking self-directed research, case report or technical article, documented text book review, short article, delivering a presentation.
Publishing (5 points, maximum 15 points per year) Includes any case report, article, text book, short article published in the AVNJ or other publication

Leadership and service (From 1 point, maximum 10 points per year)



Includes chairing or participating in industry representative bodies, committees, boards, special interest groups, VNCA Committee, membership of the VNCA or other relevant industry group, overseas specialist college, speaking at national or international level, secondments to other practices, volunteering and community, supervising and mentoring others, organising conferences, industry meetings or seminars.


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Register with the AVNAT Registration Scheme:
Maintaining quality practice through standards and learning