Frequently asked questions


More information will be made available in the lead up to the launch of the AVNAT Registration Scheme however if  you have a question that's not answered here please email us at 


Q.    What will be the minimum qualification for those who register?  

A.    Veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians wishing to register will need to hold the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing or equivalent qualification. They will be able to register as soon as they have their qualification (no waiting period). Overseas qualifications not automatically recognised will be assessed individually by the registering body. See eligible qualifications here

Q.    Can student veterinary nurses and technicians join?

A.    Students enrolled in the Australian Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing or Bachelor of Veterinary Technology (UQ and CSU) are invited to become Listed Students.  

Q.    Why is the AVNAT Registration Scheme being introduced instead of compulsory registration for veterinary nurses?

A.    The ultimate goal is compulsory registration; however, this would require changing legislation in all states except Western Australia. The VNCA will continue to pursue mandatory registration and protection of the term Veterinary Nurse after the launch of the AVNAT Registration Scheme. This is the first step in this process and strong participation in the AVNAT Registration Scheme will assist the VNCA's case.

Q.    Registration has been compulsory in Western Australia for a long time.  Will registration become voluntary in Western Australia as well?

A.    Western Australia registration will remain as it is currently, as it is bound by legislation in Western Australia. Veterinary nurses and technicians may choose to hold AVNAT registration however, they will still be required to register with the Western Australia Vet Surgeons Board in order to work as a qualified veterinary nurse in Western Australia.

Q.    If we register will we get a pay increase?

A.    The VNCA will apply to have this included in the award at the next award review which is currently scheduled for 2020. The VNCA cannot comment on whether this will lead to a wage increase; however, we will continue to work with advisors on award reviews and lobby for the Certificate IV, Diplomas and qualifications assessed as being equipment to be recognised within the award as we did in the most recent award review.

Q.    If I’m a member of the VNCA/current AVN does that mean that I’m already registered?

A.    No, AVNAT Registration Scheme is separate from VNCA membership and the AVN scheme. If you are an AVN, you will be eligible to become a Registered Veterinary Nurse or Registered Veterinary Technician.


Q.    If I’m registered in WA can I discontinue that registration and just register with AVNAT Registration Scheme?

A.    No, if you reside in Western Australia you will need to continue to register with the Western Australia Vet Surgeons Board and you can register with AVNAT separately.  


Q.    Does registration mean that we will have more responsibility?  Will it mean that we will be able broaden our scope of work?

A.    The duties that veterinary nurses are allowed to perform are bound by each state’s Vet Surgeons Board.

Q.    Does AVNAT registration mean I will automatically be a member of the Veterinary Nursing Council of Australia (VNCA)?

A.    VNCA members and non-members will be able to participate in the AVNAT Registration Scheme if they meet all entry criteria.  If you are presently a VNCA member, we will assist to manage your progression into the AVNAT Registration Scheme.  If you are not a member, you will be able to elect to join the VNCA as well as the AVNAT Registration Scheme in one easy step or just register under AVNAT.


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