AVNAT Online Register

AVNAT is the national registration scheme for veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians involved in clinical, management or academic areas. 
Professionals registered under the AVNAT Registration Scheme demonstrate their commitment to their profession by:

  • meeting entry level education
  • demonstrating a commitment to continuing professional development
  • abiding by a code of professional conduct and ethical practice and related standards.

Who is on the AVNAT Online Register?

Veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians with an Australian Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing or equivalent qualification, working in veterinary practices, animal welfare organisations, research and teaching institutions, appropriate government bodies or related employment, are eligible to participate in the scheme. These individuals will be eligible for registration -

  • Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN), and/or
  • Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT).

Students enrolled in the Australian Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing or Bachelor of Veterinary Technology (UQ and CSU) are eligible to be listed with the AVNAT Registration Scheme -

  • Student Veterinary Nurse (SVN), and/or
  • Student Veterinary Technician (SVT).

In line with the Privacy Act, individuals recognised by the AVNAT Registration Scheme may opt not to display on this AVNAT Online Register.

Not on the list?  If you have completed your application and received an email confirming your AVNAT status, you should be on the list unless you opted out.  Email avnat@vnca.asn.au to clarify or update your listing.

Using the AVNAT Online Register

To locate individuals listed on the AVNAT Online Register, select the Class(es) and State(s)/Territories you wish to search.  If you are looking for a specific name or suburb, use Ctrl + F to narrow your search.