Criteria for Reaccreditation Application

Applicants for reaccreditation are required to present evidence of the following:

  • A declaration from the employer stating that the applicant has worked at Certificate IV level for the majority of the 3 year period
  • Continued membership of the Veterinary Nurses’ Council of Australia Inc throughout the accreditation period.
  • Continuing professional development in the previous 3 year period accumulating no less than 90 points, points must be gained in each year of the 3 year period.
  • CPD points must be achieved from more than one type of professional development. Maximum of 60 points from continuing education seminars across the 3 year period, which may include up to 5 RACE points per year.
  • Additional points will not be carried over as the purpose of the scheme is to demonstrate competency and currency.
  • If choosing to submit evidence from both presentation categories, no more than 60 points may be claimed across the 3 year period.
    • 1 hour of continuing education = 1 point
    • Diploma Veterinary Nurse (ECC, Surgical, Dental, General Practice) = 20 points (available for reaccreditation only)
    • A case report using the guidelines supplied = 10 points
    • A technical article using the guidelines supplied = 10 points\
    • A documented text book review using the guidelines supplied = 5 points
    • A short article of 1 page = 5 points
    • Delivering a presentation at a seminar/conference = 15 points (15 points per individual topic for 1 delivery per topic)
    • Delivering a presentation to work colleagues = 10 points (10 points per individual topic for 1 delivery per topic)
    • Answering CE questions in the AVNJ = 1 point (max. 6 points in any 1 year)
    • VNCA Committee representation = 2 points per committee representation (max. 4 points in any 1 year).

See Maintenance of Accreditation for application and evidence forms, as well as opportunities to earn NIAG CPD points.