About the AVN Scheme


Do you want to be identified and receive recognition for your individual competence, currency and dedication to the Veterinary Nursing profession?

The Accredited Veterinary Nurse has her or his name entered onto a register held by the VNCA/AVA and is entitled to wear an individually numbered badge. The badge is recognised by colleagues, employers and the public as a symbol of excellence. Gaining and maintaining accreditation status is required through evidence of continuing professional development.


The Benefits of Accreditation

  • Accredited Nurses are leaders in the profession and keep up to date with the latest advances in all areas of Veterinary Nursing
  • Accredited Nurses set the standards for all other nursing staff due to their appreciation of ongoing self-education
  • Accredited Nursing standards encourage a practice to constantly improve. They maintain professional development standards for themselves which in turn maintains technical currency within the clinic or hospital
  • Accredited Nurses provide a high level of understanding and care to patients and clients through their desire to do the best job possible and ensure they are constantly learning
  • Accredited Nurses provide leadership within the workplace. They are a source of information for other nurses and are at the forefront of veterinary science knowledge for nursing
  • Accredited Nurses add value by assisting with implementing improved protocols across all facets of veterinary practice
  • Accredited Nurses take pride in their career and pride in their practice

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