For Overseas Trained Veterinary Nurses


The VNCA encourages overseas trained veterinary nurses considering working in Australia to undertake detailed research before committing to relocation.  Please note that, while immigration laws are set federally, regulation around areas such as scope of practice and minimum qualifications required to practise are set at state level.

VNCA Guidelines – Working in Australia as an Overseas Veterinary Nurse or Technician

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About: These guidelines are to provide assistance to veterinary nurses and technicians wishing to work in Australia.


Some frequently asked questions

As an overseas veterinary nurse, can I work in Australia?

Yes. Many overseas Veterinary Nurses work in Australia. You should visit the Department of Immigration website for information on visa and work requirements.


Is my overseas qualification recognised in Australia?

There is no mutual recognition of overseas qualifications currently available in Australia.

If you wish to have your qualification assessed then you would need to approach a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competency (RCC). An up to date list of RTOs is available via the following web link -


Do I need to be registered?

Presently registration is only required in Western Australia - find out more details at


Can I be an Accredited Veterinary Nurse (AVN) if I have an overseas qualification?

Accredited Veterinary Nurses must hold the Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse qualification, or equivalent overseas qualification. Overseas qualified Veterinary Nurses will need to have their knowledge and competency assessed by an RTO currently delivering Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.