Privacy Policy


This document sets out the VNCA’s policies on its management of personal information in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act. It is available on the VNCA’s website at A copy will also be sent to anyone who asks for it.

The VNCA is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) under the Privacy Act. The VNCA will seek to comply with the APPs at all times.

 What kinds of personal information the VNCA collects and holds

The main personal information the VNCA collects and holds is the membership details of its members (membership data). The VNCA also collects and holds personal information in the form of the details of non-members who register for VNCA events or contact the VNCA (non-membership data).

How the VNCA collects the information

The VNCA collects membership data from membership application forms and other information provided by members. It collects non-membership data from event registration forms and other information provided by non-members.\

How the VNCA holds the information

The VNCA holds both membership and non-membership data on a secure database managed by the VNCA National Office.

How the VNCA uses the information

See Disclosure and Purposes sections following.

How the VNCA discloses the information

The VNCA only discloses membership data to third parties if the member concerned has agreed. The VNCA relies on commercial advertising to support membership activities, and discloses the addresses of those members who have agreed to receive advertising material for that purpose.

The VNCA does not disclose non-membership data to third parties. The VNCA does not disclose membership data or non-membership data to overseas recipients.

The purposes of the information

The purpose of the membership data is for the VNCA to communicate with its members to enable them to participate in the activities of the VNCA. The purpose of the non-membership data is for the VNCA to communicate with non-members in relation to VNCA events and membership.

Access to personal information

You can request a copy of any personal information about you held by the VNCA by contacting the VNCA National Office.

Members can also access and update their membership details by logging into the VNCA website


If you have a complaint about a breach of privacy by the VNCA (or any other complaint), please contact the VNCA National Office, which will deal with the complaint.

Contact details for the VNCA National Office

Phone:   03 9586 6022


Fax:       03 9586 6099

Mail:      PO Box 7345  Beaumaris VIC 3193

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